My Happily Ever After

December 7th may be a day that lives in infamy, but now it’s also another day.  December 7th, 2010 is the day I married my Navy-diver-man.  How it came to be December 7Th is a longish story, because back in October, when we decided we wanted to get married, we planned to get married in May.  My man was scheduled to go to a new duty station at the end of December, and he had the whole month of December on leave.  That was all very wonderful—we would have lots of time to spend together, and it would be a very fun, memorable time.

Around Thanksgiving however, we ran into a full-fledged route change.  It appeared that with the month of leave taken in December, the Diver wouldn’t have enough leave accumulated in May to come back to the mainland and get married.  The next possible time for a wedding was December—of 2011.

That just wouldn’t do.  I have never in my life been a fan of long engagements, and the thought of 12 whole months, with one visit (assuming I could scrape together the money for a plane-ticket to Hawaii) was very nearly painful.  Skype and cellphones are wonderful techno advances of the century, but they have certain monumental failings when one is attempting to talk to a boyfriend/fiancé… we’ll leave it at that.  So, much to the surprise of our family and friends, we made the dramatic decision to get married in December.  December 2010.

Family started rushing around, working hard to plan a wedding for the 23rd of December.  I was still finishing up my finals at University of Louisville, so my man flew into the airport in Lousivlle (he actually proposed in the airport, as soon as he got off the plane—how romantic is that???) and was staying with friends between hanging out with me and hanging out with me, and occasionally, hanging out with me 😀

The long and short of how we ended up married on the 7th of December, and not the 23rd is that we had to get my military ID, so we had a civil ceremony for that, assuming that we would go ahead and have our church wedding on the 23rd.  Then things fell through and the ceremony on the 23rd wouldn’t work out.

Sometimes life doesn’t work out exactly the way you planned it—roads look different as you drive up them than they did from the bottom of the hill looking up—but everything happens for a reason, and God is still in control.  However we got to the top of the hill… we’re staying here.  For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, loving each other as long as we both live, and fulfilling God’s plan for our lives.

So that is how I ended up on a plane bound for Hawaii with my wonderful new husband on the 30th of December, 2010.  We had spent the time in December after I finished classes and finals visiting with our families, and celebrating Christmas.  Now we had our hotel room right on Waikiki Beach, for the time until we could get a house.  We stayed there for ten days, and were able to move into our little blue house as soon as the hotel stay was up.  So here we are.

I’m quite enjoying having my own house, and my own kitchen to cook in, while I try to get my paperwork lined up so I can attend the University of Hawaii in the fall.  The latter somewhat grudgingly, I might add.  I love my man, and I like my house, and I like having dinner ready when my man gets home.  School… sigh

I’ll be ready for it when August rolls around, I suppose.  But for now, I am quite content where I am.

To God be the glory, great things he hath done…


3 thoughts on “My Happily Ever After

  1. Anne says:

    Neat wedding story! A Hawaiian Kahuna told me long ago that when it’s time to make a change in life, God will send you the airplane ticket. And that has always been the way it’s happened for me. Hawaii is all about the family (ohana) and the land and the love of people (aloha). Enjoy. A

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