Jungle 1-Petersons 0

Since coming to the island, we realized that we’ve done a lot of snorkeling, swimming, hanging on the beach, walking on the beach… what can we say? We love the water. All the same, we decided it might be time to broaden our horizons just a bit and take in some of the hiking opportunities on this beautiful island.
We went back and forth between checking and Kaena Point or Nakoma Trai. Kaena Point was a longish trail–I want to say 4.5 miles–but that really isn’t too much for us. According to the website, it was all right on the shoreline. I wouldn’t know for sure, because we decided to go check out the jungle at Nakoma trail.
The picture the website painted with words was gorgeous. Rainforest park, lots of tropical birds flying over lightly bubbling freshwater streams, while a choir sung sweetly in the distance and a rainbow arched over our path.
We should have realized our mistake when it took us an hour just to find the park itself. Eventually we found it of course, and began making our way to the trail. It was all just hunky-dory at first. We walked up a nice little hill and saw the park sign for the trail… which informed us that we should be very careful to stick to the main trail because wild hogs had made little deviant trails and lots of hikers had been suckered in and gotten lost in wild hog land. That was comforting. We laughed it off and headed down the trail. It was a wide, nicely winding path, sloped downhill, with large trees flanking either side. Just perfect for holding hands with your sweetheart and sauntering on your merry way! At the bottom of the hill however, we were met by a gushing creek/swimming hole where some locals were out for a swim. I’m the only person who can be blamed for the interesting turn the hike took at that point, because my sweet husband looked at the water, lifted an eyebrow and asked, “Are you sure you want to do this? I wasn’t thinking we’d have to get this wet.”
“Let’s do it.”
We waded into the creek. Josh holding the backpack with our cellphones and water high above his head, while I tried not to think about how gross the water looked. We clambered out the other side much cooler and none the worse for the wear, ready for the rest of our hike. One problem. The trail had shrunk DRASTICALLY. On the original side, the trail was nice and wide–easily wide enough for us to walk side-by-side. Now the main wild-hog trail wasn’t wide enough for a single person. While we could be thankful that we weren’t being chased by wild hogs, the mosquitoes were flocking to us like bees to flowers. It only took us about 2 seconds of walking to be immensely happy that we had walked through that swimming hole because it was humid. Humid like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Mosquitoes, humidity, and wild-hog trail aside, it was kinda nice. I had almost forgotten how quiet and peaceful it sounds in the woods. When we stopped walking to listen, the quiet was like a huge soft coat… nah, it was waaaay too humid for coats. The quiet was nice and comfy, and felt so wonderful on the ears. No vehicles down-shifting on the highway, no ambulance sirens, no cars honking, no people chattering… just quiet. It was quiet and peaceful like a church. Every once in a while it’s just nice to hear the quiet and imagine how the world was when God first created it… without all the noise and kerfluffle that humans brought in.
So even though the mosquitoes, humidity, and scratches made us vow to stick to the ocean, it was still a good day and a fun hike just because we were together šŸ™‚ We held hands and kissed under the trees on our way out, and teased each other about who’s fault it was we picked that horrible trail. It’s just weird little days and adventures like that which make me realize I love my man more every single day, and happiness is being with him.


One thought on “Jungle 1-Petersons 0

  1. Dennis Green says:

    You still have it, Elizabeth. Barb and I have hiked back in the woods. It is easy to relate to the mosquitoes. I am a little envious though, you are on such a beautiful Island. Be sure to watch the sunrise on Haleakala (on Maui). BTW, my granddaughter Mylee is named for a flower there. She didn’t want to use the Hawaiian spelling because she thought everyone would misspell it…thus the phonetic spelling. I know you are having a great time, and I hope it just keeps getting better. I will write soon. I hope you will find time to write me back. Keep making those memories…these are the times that will follow you the rest of your life. I wish you and Josh all the very best.

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