born too late

I have come to a conclusion.  I was born too late. About 60 years too late, to be exact.  Why do I think this?  Because I love everything about the earlier 1900’s.  Especially the clothes and music.

I love the Gibson girl styles of the very first decade, and I love the dainty turn fashion took towards late ‘teens of the 20th century.  I want to wear silk and pearls and little flapper dresses and bob my hair…  Hollywood glamor in the 1920’s and 30’s was unbelievable, and even the everyday clothes of the everyday people had a trickle of that.  Ladies wore dresses to church, and pretty much everywhere else.  I LOVE my jeans and shorts in the summertime (or wintertime, here in Hawaii) but since nearly everything about the first fifty years of the 20th century was classy, I think it must in the dresses.

If I had to pick a single decade, I would pick the 50’s.  Hands-down, no doubt about it.  They had gorgeous tiny waists, spinny skirts, black pumps, red lipstick… the list goes on!  Guys wore suits and hats to go out!  It was the best worlds, if you were a girl–gorgeous dresses, but if you had a day where you just wanted to be comfortable you could wear trousers.  There was swing-dancing and jazz…

By the seventies, fashion was a freight train starting to crash, the 80’s had jumpsuits (which says it all), 90’s started heading towards the weird randomness of the 00′.  Now it’s 2011 and we’re back around to jumpsuits.  Come on, people!  They never looked good on anybody!

The fashion horrors we’ve seen in the last five years are probably physically hurting Christian Dior in his grave.  Jeggings, clothes that look like (and probably are) falling off you, trampy clothes, butt-high miniskirts, big clothes (5 sizes too big), small clothes (5 sizes to small)…  Looking like a slut has been “in” since the 90’s, and honestly, I’m sick of it.

Models are all anorexic (or look it), and if you aren’t the styles are 10 times worse.

Of course, you hear that classy is always classy and never goes out of style.  People who dress with taste always look good, no denying it.  But until the people who set style actually dress well, the general public won’t, and we’ll be forced to keep seeing people who aren’t anorexic stuffed into jeggings and jumpsuits.

I know its possible to search out and find really pretty clothes.  Places like Ann Taylor and Nordstrom carry gorgeous clothes that are both in style to some extent and classy, but who can pay upwards of 100 dollars for a sundress that you want to wear every other day all summer?  What we need is a store that will sell reasonably priced clothes that look good.

Maybe I’ll start one someday.  The hodgepodge of garishness in Walmart irks me to no end. Yuck.  Except for little girl clothes.  Little girls get to wear the cutest things. Poor rest-of-us!

Fashion trends I’m happy about lately?  Summer dresses, silky tops, and flared jeans coming back ‘in’ to some extent.  Oh yes, and the 40’s pin-up girl style bikini, although I’m not won over to the super-high-waisted-tummy-panel bottom.  I found one with a top that is incredibly reminiscent of that style, and a nice normal bottom.  I’m not completely negative about the fashion trends lately, just mostly.

I’m all done ranting now, peeps–you can come out of your hidey-holes.  Until they come back for real, I’ll be dreaming about those swing-dresses.


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