Thoughts I’m Thinking Friday

My super-diver man has an incredible long weekend (Thank you Memorial Day!!!), so as soon as he gets done helping a friend out with some stuff, the weekend will be ours, until Tuesday!

It’s a gorgeous day out.  Blue skies, palm trees, hot sun… it doesn’t get much better than this!  Unless I have a mango smoothie.  The most perfect condition of life is improved by a mango smoothie.

I feel like dancing!  It’s just a great day to be alive, and thank God for my wonderful husband, our family, friends, time-off, sunny skies, palm trees, mango smoothies… and far more than ALL that, the amazing grace Christ showed us in salvation.

Now that I’ve enthused about my life on here, I have things to do, and places to go…  like maybe to the library to get Fox in Socks.  I LOVE Dr. Suess.

“When tweedle beetles battle, it’s a tweedle beetle battle, and when they battle in a bottle, it’s a tweedle beetle bottle battle.”  How can you NOT love that?  It’s even a tongue twister to type!

I’m working on another movement from each of the two Bach partitas I’ve spent time in.  Bach is awesome.  He has music that is the perfect example of complex simplicity.  What a paradox, right?  But it’s true.  Bach sounds simple when you listen to it.  Simple, beautiful, direct, concise… but it is so much more complicated in the actual execution.  Quite the beautiful parodox, eh?

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, y’all!


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