It’s official from the doctor’s office today.  Josh and I are going to be parents!  We actually found out about a week ago with a couple home pregnancy tests, and let our families know.  Everybody is super excited. Both of our sets of parents will be first time grandparents, and we each have at least one set of grandparents who will be first time great-grandparents.

It’s pretty amazing to think that there’s a little baby growing inside me right now–and a little bizarre.  It was a surprise for both of us, because we had figured we’d wait about two years before we started planning to have a kid.  Apparently God had other plans, and of course now we wouldn’t change a thing.  Josh was joking,however, that we may have to look up “surprise” in another language and name him/her that 🙂

I found this app for iphone that predicts your due date, and sends you little pictures each week of what your baby looks like.  Even cooler though, I think, is that they have a little scale drawing too.  It is so incredible how complex and perfect my little baby already is, even though he’s barely big enough to see.  If you didn’t know, you’d never be able to tell that I’m pregnant, but he’s there–growing like a little secret inside me. Only not so much a secret since virtually (haha–please notice the pun) everybody knows now.  Anyways, just thought I’d share that.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing lots more on this subject from me, and baby belly pictures will be along eventually (like in 5 months–haha).

On another note, I’m starting school in a couple weeks.  This is definitely going to be a crazy year.  Baby AND school.  I better go get my Super Woman cape.

Baby @ 6 weeks: nose, mouth, and ears are taking shape, and arms and legs are growing.  Baby’s heart is beating 100-160 beats per minute, and brain, muscles, and bones are forming.  All while he’s about a quarter of an inch long–about the size of a lentil bean!


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