Traffic Jams and Blinkers (or the lack thereof)

Seriously, where did August go? I’ve been so caught up in schoolwork and keeping my little house in order that certain things that should be higher on my priority list have fallen to the wayside (i.e. blogging, writing, and selling Mary Kay and my book).
It’s really challenging to balance everything, but I’m definitely going to have to make that step and do it if I want to fulfill my goals for this year.
It has been really nice to be back in school, although I must admit I loathe the drive. Commuting through downtown Honolulu at 7:30 in the morning should not be done extensively by anybody who wishes to retain the smallest smidgen of sanity. I’m hoping it gets easier to tolerate the awful traffic jams, and the idiots who mindlessly cut into lanes and then wave and smile out their window–as if that makes up for the fact that you had to slam on your brakes to narrowly avoid crashing into them, and the person behind you had to do the same, and so on and so forth. Honestly, the drivers here are crazy! I’ve heard some of the locals say, “Ah, you mainlanders take it too seriously… just chill, man.” At which point my eye starts twitching violently as I fight the urge to say, “It’s *driving*! You’re supposed to take it seriously, doggone it!”
I suppose what we really need is a compromise here in Hawaii. My idea? An entirely different road system for mainlanders. I’m serious. A road system with a normal speed limit (the highest speedlimit on the island is 55), normal exits (you know, the kind where you can access both directions from the same general location), and normal turn signals. The turn signals could be kind of iffy… I’m not actually sure if it’s part of this island phenomenon, or if it’s just characteristic of bad drivers and big cities everywhere. You know… you’re in bumper to bumper traffic, and all the sudden, that red Mustang convertible beside you one lane over just decides its time to change lanes, and proceeds to do so without blinker or space. You’d think that if you had such a nice car, you’d be a little more careful with it. Not so much.
It amazes me that there are as few accidents as there are. I feel like I narrowly avoid death, or at least the mutilation of my car, at least 20 times every time I make that drive to University Ave. The really sad part? I spend less than ten miles on the Interstate (8.7 to be exact) and it ALWAYS takes me at least 45 minutes in the morning.
You can go ahead and call me a small town girl. I know there are lots of places in the world where traffic is worse than Hawaii, but driving in traffic like this is completely new to me. I highly doubt I’ll ever be fond of it, and if I ever fail to fully appreciate the complete lack of traffic in tiny towns again, you have my permission to cut me off without using a blinker. 😉


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