The wheels on the bus…

I’m sitting on the bus headed home from school and thought I’d try and post some notes, since I still like to play pretend that I update my blog ^.^
I started riding the bus to school recently and like it SO much more than driving. I hate driving in Honolulu morning traffic and it just makes me mad at the world in general. Riding the bus is a hundred times more enjoyable. Sure, I have to get out of the house a little earlier, get back a little later, and walk LOTS, but I have 45-60 minutes on the bus that I don’t have to be annoyed with other drivers for and I can do my own sweet thing (note that this blog post is written from my phone while on the bus). It’s truly beautiful 🙂

I’m 17 weeks along now, in case you were wondering. We had our first appointment about a month ago and got to hear the little one’s heartbeat which was pretty cool. I can actually feel him/her moving sometimes now. It’s kind of amazing how attached I am to the little bugger without even seeing him (literally and figuratively). Every once in a while all the feelings of excitement and protectiveness and love will knot together and practically whack me upside of the head. Josh and I are both so, so happy… I honestly think we get happier every day, and that’s pretty phenomenal because I already thought we had the happiness tank all the way full. It’s so exciting to think that we’re almost halfway to meeting the little guy, and just a few weeks away from (*fingers crossed*) finding out if the littlest P will be a boy or a girl. Either way, I just can’t wait. I’m pretty sure I’m the most impatient person in the world, and I want to know so I can start collecting baby stuff. I know technically I could start buying little socks and things that aren’t particularly gender-specific, but I don’t want to do that. If it’s a girl, everything’s gonna be frilly and cute, and probably pink (although, i’m not the biggest fan of pink–at least when it saturates everything so if the stuff is all pink it’ll be out of convenience). If the baby’s a boy, however, look out greens and blues and browns–I’m coming for you!

Annnnyways… My bus ride is almost over, so I’m gonna wrap this up. Hope to write more soon, but school and my housekeeping are kicking my butt right now, so I’ll see ya when I see ya!


One thought on “The wheels on the bus…

  1. Celeste says:

    sigh… sweet to hear your thoughts on the newest, littlest sweet Pea! Also so glad the trip to school has been a little more enjoyable!

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