Baby Kicks

It’s happening again. You know… That time of year when Halloween is over and the stores automatically leap directly to Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. It’s one of the most awesome holidays ever. Also, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t already caught the Christmas bug myself. It’s a real struggle to not turn Pandora onto the Christmas channel just yet. I’m going to try to wait until after Thanksgiving to dish out the Christmas music, decorations, and other goodies that go along with the joy of the season though. It always bothers me how Thanksgiving is so quickly rushed over. It seems only appropriate that we begin the holiday season by thanking God for the Grace He has given us, and the wonderful families we’ve been blessed with. So, as a fun little Thanksgiving activity, I’m going to try doing the 30 days of Thanksgiving challenge. In a perfect world, that means I’d at least post a couple sentences every day, but let’s be honest here–I never update that often. Soooo, I’m hoping I’ll just manage to at least jot down some thoughts every day, and upload them a couple times this month.

Today I’m thankful for the extra weekend that my superman got to spend at home because of a delayed flight, and I’m extra-extra thankful for our little baby P. tonight. It’s so sweet to feel those little kicks when I’m feeling dismal and all alone without my man, because even though I miss him terribly, I know I’m not *alone* alone. She/he’s been a lot more bouncy today–almost like he knew he was keeping me company very specially… And that makes me smile!

Happy Thanksgiving Month, everybody!


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