From the Bus

Today I’m writing from the bus. The variety of people on the bus always amazes me, and it’s kinda fun just to sit and watch everybody. Plus, the bus goes through town and I never drive through town if I can help it, so I get to see different parts of the city. Like Chinatown. I’m now fascinated by Chinatown and want to actually go walk around sometime.
Thankfulnesses today? I’m thankful that my man arrived safely and was able to call for a couple minutes late last night and let me know. I’m also thankful for my brothers–particularly the two who have birthdays today (Happy Birthday Isaiah and Joel!). And I’m thankful for my awesome sister-in-law/best friend who let me vent about the problems with one of my classes today. Lots more to be thankful for, of course, but those are the big things today!

Oh, and if you were wondering, baby P. is keeping up the acrobats. I’m so excited that he/she is starting to hear some sounds (according to the MyPregnancy app anyways) Yay for excuses to talk to myself!


One thought on “From the Bus

  1. Celeste says:

    I’m sure the sil has mutual venting time, like one accounting problem taking all day long to do! I think violin music will always be the most soothing to the Sweet Pea!

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