Monday again

Today I’m thankful that the weekend is over. Normally you wouldn’t catch me anywhere near that statement, but today having the weekend over means that I can be super busy all week and hopefully the time will fly by.
I’m also really thankful for the book of psalms–the whole bible, too, of course, but psalms especially. There is always a verse or an entire chapter that seems to speak directly to me. Plus there are so many just downright-comforting verses… Psalm 91, anyone?
Lots of good reminders about virtually everything under the sun.

Anyways, this morning I’m writing this at the bus stop and wishing my bus would hurry up and get here. This backpack is killing me. I don’t really have anything else to say right now, unless you want to listen to a post full of gripes and since this month is supposed to be about thankfulness that seems slightly oxymoronic or counter-productive or something.
Until tomorrow, people. Toodles.


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