Feet, feet, feet

Today I’m thankful for my feet–specifically that I’m currently off them. Today was a LONG day with lots of walking. Unfortunately, it’s not over yet and I have go out again in a few hours. Until then, I’m also thankful for naps and food because I’m going to have some of both, though not particularly in that order.
In making up for missing blogposts the last couple days, I’ll add that I’m also thankful that we’re a couple more days down until a) the love of my life gets back, and b) we have the ultrasound and find out if baby P is going to be a she or a he!


One thought on “Feet, feet, feet

  1. Celeste says:

    Thank you for these posts1 I enjoy reading about what you’re doing! Do take care of yourself! As I was making pork cassoulet last night I was wishing I could send you a quart of it so you’d have something already for you when you got home! Hope the buses are ontime for you today!
    I love you!

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