Karate Downstairs

It’s quiet in my house. The only sounds are the clock ticking and the clicking sounds from typing on my phone. I’m relaxing on the couch.
The only place it’s not quiet, however, is apparently my little baby P’s world.
I think the kid is practicing karate or kickboxing, or gymnastics but whatever he/she is doing–it makes me laugh.
It doesn’t hurt at all, it’s just like an inside-tickle, which is a remarkably funny sensation.
I can feel it on the outside now too, if I put my hand on the little bump on my belly.
It feels like the tiniest wiggle–like a BB flicked at my finger from several feet away. Tiny, but surprisingly strong and undeniably there.
My superman is going to be tickled pink when he gets back and can actually feel the kicks šŸ™‚


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