Thankful for Our Veterans

Today (or rather yesterday, because even by my Hawaii time, it’s almost 1 AM) I am very thankful for all those who serve or have served in our military. We’re so grateful for the sacrifices you make every day. I’m especially thankful for my family members who have served or are currently serving. Brothers, fathers, grandfathers, and especially my own very, very dear husband… thank you.
Kind of on the same note, I’m also thankful for the email I got today from my superman. (just imagine the HUUUUUGE smile on my face 🙂 ) It was so good to just hear that he’s doing okay! I’ll be honest, I might have just cried a little, but they were happy tears. He actually sent the email tuesday, but it was from a different address and went into my spam box, and I just happened to think I might should check through that and make sure he hadn’t managed to send me anything… and there it was.
Absolute happiness.


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