Today I’m thankful for Wednesday’s. It’s so lovely how they feel like the milestone in the week–tipping the scale slightly in favor of the weekend.
I’m thankful for the two ladies who smile cheerfully and say good morning when I pass them walking in the morning. It’s not a very common thing to meet people who smile openly at strangers in a city, and honestly, coming from a small town, that’s just kinda weird. If you DO happen to smile at random strangers just for the sake of spreading a little cheerfulness, they quickly look away, and pretend not to have seen you. I know it’s a completely different environment from small-town USA, but come on people! Do you really think the pregnant chick bent halfway over under a ginormous backpack is going to mug you? I didn’t think so…
AND I’m thankful for the smell of sausage. I love sausage, and the smells from the jack in the box across from the bus stop always make me wish I had time to stop and get one. Most unfortunate for me, I never do, so I’m relegated to the fate of oranges and cereal bars when I’m lucky and have time to grab breakfast before running out the door.
I have orchestra rehearsal tonight so I’m also thankful for music… And since it runs so late and I’m already pretty tired I’m going to find some way to appreciate caffeine before the day is out. We’ll see how that goes!
At the bus stop now, so that’s all for today. Enjoy your Wednesday, people!


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