Sugar and Spice and Sonograms

Yesterday we had our ultrasound! It was INCREDIBLE to see our sweet little baby kicking and waving at us. 21st century technology is amazing. Who would have thought you could see such neat details through layers and layers of skin and muscle? I’m very thankful for that technology today, and thankful that because of all that technology we know that the baby I’m brewing is a very healthy baby girl, progressing quite normally. It’s kind of funny, because my superman and I were both thinking it was a boy. Not for any particular reason, it just seemed like it would be a boy. When the ultrasound technician told us “it’s a girl” we were both a little surprised! We’re just as happy to have sugar and spice as we would have been to have snips and snails and puppydog tails, of course, but I imagine the fact that we thought she was a boy for the first 5 months of her life will become quite the legendary story.
Girl or not, our little chica sure knows how to throw some punches! She may still be a karate master… I can feel her moving more every day, I think!
We had a really lovely thanksgiving weekend, complete with lots of sleeping in (bliss, I tell you–the semester can’t be over soon enough for me now), yummy food, and Christmas decorating. Now that we have the tree all set up and decorated we’ve taken to sitting downstairs with all the lights off except the Christmas tree 🙂 Oh yes! It’s absolutely lovely! The christmas music is playing pretty constantly now too. Just trust me when I tell you that unless you’ve danced in the livingroom with your hubby to Bing Crosby’s old Christmas music you haven’t lived as fully as you could have.
I love the Christmas music from the 1930’s and 40’s so much… It cracks my superman up! There’s just nobody else who can sing Christmas music like Crosby or Sinatra!
Anyways, that’s what the last several days have had me doing! Have a lovely Tuesday, everybody!


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