It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Here we are again.  Students across the country are swamped with copious amounts of studying and finals, soon to be headed home for lovely Christmas breaks.  Children are hanging stockings and throwing out blatant hints regarding what they want to find under the tree Christmas morning.  Me?  I’m finishing up my finals this week and diving headfirst into the Christmas spirit.  This will be the first Christmas my superman and I have been together, in our own house and I. am. excited! We bought a tree and some decorations several weekends ago, and it’s now cheerfully lit and probably running up our electric bill a good deal more than it should be.

We have actually had a good deal of excitement during the last several weeks.  Most notably, last Wednesday we celebrated our first anniversary! It is so very hard to believe that a whole year has gone by, but it has been an excellent year.  I love my superman so much, and each day is better than the last!  We went to see Riverdance live as part of our celebration and had a lovely, fantastic time.

Our little baby girl is doing just fine too–doling out some hefty kicks sometimes now, that are a bit less than comfortable.  The strength behind some of those little kicks and punches even surprised Josh the other night!  I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised–the ultrasound technician did say she was a big little thing, but still…

I’m going to have leave y’all today with a little piece of my Christmas to-do list, and go tackle my political science final.  I already have another blog post planned out in my head, so until then… Merry Christmas!


Christmas To-Do

~ Sign, address, and mail Christmas Cards

~ Frost Christmas cookies

~ Make more Christmas cookies

~ Find people to give said Christmas cookies too

~ Make Christmas Fudge

~ Come up with a better plan for getting all those lovely Christmas calories out of the house

~ Listen to more Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.  Endlessly.  (I looooooove old Christmas music.  Josh is always telling me I must have been born way too late 🙂 )

~ Go Christmas shopping


**That probably isn’t ALL that I have to do, but it’s a start.  If I keep adding to that list I’ll be swamped until WELL after New Years. 🙂


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