Happy New Year

It was dark outside, except for the gentle flicker of the streetlights, when we made our way to the car on New Years Eve.  The occasional sounds of fireworks penetrated the quiet of the night.  We began driving.  Up and up and up, on a tiny street with several needlepoint switchbacks and an exceptionally steep grade.  It was difficult to believe that we were also celebrating the one year anniversary of our time on the island.  On New Years Eve in 2011, we had skipped watching the fireworks in favor of killing the jetlag that was still throttling us after a day and a half on the island.  It didn’t–doesn’t–feel like a whole year has passed.  When we reached the top of the mountain, my superman parked the car just off the narrow road and we stepped outside.  The air was chilly, but when he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight, I didn’t even notice the cool.  From our vantage point on the hill, we could see the sparkle of city lights all the way from Diamond Head in Honolulu to the farthest reaches of the coast on Waianae.  Scattered between the streetlights of the residential neighborhoods down the hill, and headed into Honolulu, occasional fireworks flashed into the sky.  We settled back against the toasty hood of the car.  It would only be a few more minutes.

I couldn’t help but think about all that the next year will hold for us.  There will probably be more of the painful months of separation, but those long days will be made worth it by that first hug in the airport.  In April we’ll welcome our sweet baby girl into this world and start a whole new chapter in our story.  There will be a trip back to visit our family in Kentucky.  Of course, all the excitement will just be the punctuation of sweet, simple days like today.  Days when I wake up and eat breakfast with my superman before he goes off to work; days when I have time to clean my house, exercise, and plan a good dinner; days when I write and read and think; and at the end of every day,  kiss my man at the door and serve him some dinner.  All things considered, my goals for the New Year are pretty standard:  pray more, worry less–especially about things that are out of my control anyways–strive to be the best little wife I can be for my superman, be a good mama to my baby girl, stay in shape physically and mentally, and make every day count, because sometimes time happens too fast.

The last few minutes of 2011 ticked away as we tossed around ideas of all that 2012 will hold for us; then fireworks began exploding from multiple locations along the coast, marking the official start of 2012.   And that is how we welcomed the gift of another new year.  Snuggled together on the hood of the car, our hands interlaced over the bump on my belly that is our little daughter.  I.am.so.blessed.  Period.



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