Tales of Ink Woe

As I am in the process of trying to get my online school started and paid for, there is naturally a dumptruck load of paperwork.  My primary goal for today is to get several forms printed off, signed, and faxed to the admissions counselor.  Naturally, since there is all that PLUS the Superman and my absentee voting registration paperwork to print off and mail, the printer decided today would be a good day to go boink.  We’re talking NO ink.  Whatsoever.  Period.  Not even enough to make a really crappy copy that I could send in anyways and just pretend it was normal.

At any rate, just thought I’d share that fun little bit of information.  I’m sure it will seem less dramatic when I’ve had my coffee, but I have to go take the nasty glucose test (again.  Word of advice–don’t ever mention even the slightest history of gestational diabetes when you go in for a prenatal checkup, unless you LIKE drinking sugar water. Had to do it once at 16 weeks and here I am doing it again, even though it’s pretty obvious that I DON’T have gestational diabetes) and I’m not supposed to eat/drink anything except water until then.  The syrup drink wouldn’t be half as bad if it was carbonated.  Then you could just pretend it was an unusually sweet soda.  Unfortunately, it just tastes like slightly citrusy sugar water, which is just nasty.

Also on the to-do list for today: library, groceries for the week, dinner prep, cleaning, practicing, and exercising, before the book club meeting this evening.  I expect about two thirds of those to-do’s to actually be done by the end of the day, and I’m afraid the last third will fall by the wayside in favor of a nap on the couch.  Unless I do really well at avoiding sitting down on the couch until evening.  Hmmm…. might have to give that one a try.  There really is an obscene amount of stuff to get in order today…

That’s all for now.  Have a great Monday, everybody.



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