Random Thoughts

1 ~ I need to practice my violin.  I need a good, long, 4 or 6 hour practice to make up for my sloth on Christmas break.  I really, really, want to practice, but I have zero energy.  Wonder if a ginormous cup of coffee would supply the correct amount of pick-me-up…

(Starting a pot of coffee now, just in case)

2 ~  Has anybody had any experience with the pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome?  I think I may have it.  I’ve had problems with my hands ever since the end of the semester last year (WAY overdid my first semester as a music student, for any of my curious readers) but it seems like it’s just getting worse.  It now crops up when I’m doing any hands on activity.  Chopping veggies, sweeping the floor, opening jars…  Just curious.  I’ve made a mental note to ask the doctor about it when I go back next week.

3 ~ I bought yarn and crocheting hooks this morning!  The tutorial for making flowers is open in my browser window!  I’m not going to start until later this evening though, when I won’t feel guilty for doing what I’m doing right now (nursing my aching back on the couch and trying to talk myself into doing something productive before it gets dark out).  I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow, if I’m successful. And maybe if I’m not.

4 ~ Normally I don’t have problems with motivation because my Superman gets home in the afternoon and so after I veg for a little bit on the couch, it’s time to get up and get going again so everything can be nice and cozy for him.  Unfortunately, tonight they’re keeping him at work late.  Like, after 9 PM late.  So there’s virtually no incentive there.  I just have to get supper heated up sometime before 10.

5 ~  I’m trying to decide on a writing project for when my superman is gone.  I need to finish writing another book, sell it to a publisher, and make a million dollars asap.

6 ~ I have books out about both World Wars, so I’m 98% certain that the book will be set in one of those time periods.  I’m such a sucker for the 40’s it almost pains me.  But not really.

7 ~ I’ve duly motivated myself now.  I’m going to drink some coffee and do something productive with my life.  Now.  I mean… in 3… 2… 1…


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