Tricks on Tuesday

Recently, it has come to my attention that I really need a hobby.  You know, something to fill the time when my superman is gone….Something that can be considered productive… Something easy so that I don’t quit in favor of a nap.  I’m sure that in a couple more months, when lil Miss Wigglebutt makes her debut, I won’t have time for frivolous thoughts of cutesy crafts, but for now I do, and that’s that.  Pinterest is nurturing this unholy craving with pictures of DIY-headboards, picture frames, menu boards… you name it they have it.  And especially when it comes to cute stuff for baby girls, I’m a pansy right now.

There are the CUTEST little crocheted-flower headbands that you ever did see on Etsy, and I found a free pattern on the internet.  You know what that means, people.  I want to try this.  It doesn’t look terribly complicated, but I learned very early in life that there is a HUGE difference between craft projects looking easy and actually being easy.  Take, for example, the tiered skirt I made (perhaps attempted would be a better word) during my early teen years.  Everything was neatly cut out, pinned together, and appeared to be in order… until I finished sewing the main pieces together and held it up for inspection.  It. looked. awful.  Like, worse than a floursack awful.  To this day I don’t know what went wrong.  It looked like the sewing machine had gone at it with a machete and a mind of its own.  I took one look at it and tried to shove it under the table before anybody could see and mock.  And in that moment of tangled thread and knotty material I vowed to myself: I will never sew again.

Maybe it was just me, and my temperament wasn’t conducive with crafty projects in general.  Maybe it was the age.  You know… those weird years between 12 and 15 where you’re like an alien life form–nothing like the kid you were, and nothing like the adult you will become.  At any rate, my success rate with long-term crafts was nil.  I tried my hand at scrapbooking, and did about 15 pages.  That could have worked out, and might again since I’m older and (theoretically anyways) more patient/able to see the big picture.  Jewelry making wasn’t too bad, but I never had the patience to devote some time to it and, say, start a business selling awesome homemade earrings. Making earrings was the only part of jewelry making I was interested in.  Necklaces and bracelets were a pain in the butt because you had to do all kinds of stuff with patterns, and keep track of patterns, and thread billions of beads through the eye of a needle in never-ending patterns.  Crocheting… well, crocheting was fun, but I had the same problem with crochet hooks as with sewing machines.  Namely, that when I touched them they developed minds of their own and did whatever they darn well wanted.  I tried making blankets, towels, potholders, washcloths… those nice, easy shapes, with simple stitches.  Squares ended up lopsided.  Rectangles became half-circles.  It was a bloodbath.

Well, to summarize, after all that… I’m going to go ahead and try to jump on the bandwagon again.  Nothing big.  Nothing too hard at first.  That’s why I’m trying little crocheted flower headbands.  Since I wasn’t so great at rectangles, I should be a whiz at lopsided flowers.  If that goes well, I may try some sort of sewing project, just to prove to myself I can.  I figure I’ve roped myself into giving scrapbooking another go by having a child.  We shall see.  It may be a complete flop.  Probably will be.  But there is just the slightest chance it will turn out cute.  And even if it doesn’t, I’m having a kid, which means I don’t have to wear it 🙂



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