Getting things DONE!

Accomplishing stuff is a good feeling.  I have actually made a couple of the little flower headband thingies, which I am quite tickled about.  They don’t look that great–still really lopsided (Yes, apparently it is possible to make a flower lopsided) but it is a start and I’m pleased with it overall.  The first two were a really simple pattern I found on the one and only world wide web, and right now I’m working on a rosette with a video from the all-knowing wealth of how-to videos on YouTube.  I’m really excited to see how the rosette looks when it is done, because right now it looks awesome.  Furthermore, in the last several days I have practiced my violin a reasonable amount (given the general sleepiness and the hand pain, anyways), walked to and spent time at the pool.

There are still a few things I have to accomplish before the end of the week, mostly involving my enrollment in online classes, but by next Monday I believe that should all be taken care of.  My classes won’t actually start until the 24th of January, if I’m remembering dates correctly.  I am quite interested in finding out how I adapt to online classes.  I’ve heard that it is completely different from in-seat, and a great many people seem to like it less.  Regardless, though, it really is the only option I have right now.  I cannot imagine how tough this semester would be if I were trying to keep commuting to campus.

It is eternally frustrating to me when I look around me and see all the emphasis that is placed on a college education.  Don’t get me wrong, college is awesome.  However, the school systems in America are failing so catastrophically that your only option is to go to college, if you want any level of decency in a job.  High school diplomas mean nothing in the workplace.  In many ways, I believe the failure of American schools is leaking over into colleges, and contributing to this final breakdown of standards in the workplace.  Take for example the fact that many 18 year olds come out of high school, with only a barely rudimentary grasp on reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Those are the basics, people.

The first 4 years that you spend in college should not be making up for the completely useless 4 years of high school that you just completed!  This is most apparent to me in the general education classes that are considered core work, counting towards your degree.  Most of the general ed classes are completely useless.  I just wasted a semester taking a class called Biology and Society.  Sure, it fulfilled my science requirement, but it was literally the most useless, retarded class ever.  I exerted a minimal amount of effort, learned nothing of consequence, and still received an A+.  Call me crazy, but I want to actually learn from my college experience. If I have to pay for a “core” class, it better be something useful and challenging.

The long and short of it is that this isn’t right.  High schools should be delivering an education that is sufficient to get you through life reasonably.  A college education should be challenging.  There should be entrance tests, and all of the required classes should be hard.  This isn’t grade school anymore.  Any sort of Associates or Bachelors degree should mean something in the workplace, but high school graduates who choose not to attend college should not be discriminated against either–because if the high schools were actually fulfilling their purpose, high school graduates would be fully prepared to work any average job.

At any rate… I didn’t really mean to go off on a long rant.  I may write an article about this soon though, because it is a serious issue in today’s world. Along with the national debt crisis, the downward spiral of democracy, the failing economy, and the upcoming presidential elections (which will most likely be a coin-flip between Dumb and Dumber).

I just seriously depressed myself so I’m going to go have a nice hot grilled cheese sandwich, wrap myself up in a blanket with a cup of coffee (the A/C is making it cold inside), and try to finish my crochet flower while completely ignoring the doom and gloom on the news.  At least for the next 45 minutes.



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