Boy vs Girl Old Wives Tales… Busted?

I admit it.  I can’t help it.  I’m fascinated by the old wives tales about pregnancy, even though we had a pretty darn conclusive ultrasound.  At any rate, I thought I’d share, just because…

1) Which side do you prefer sleeping on?  Left means boy, Right means girl.   I usually start out sleeping on my left side, but if I sleep on one side all night I wind up with stabbing pain in the middle of my back and in my hips.  Fun, right?  Not really, but I just don’t really have a preference of side.  I’m not even entirely sure if the weird position I sleep in counts as sleeping on my side.  I definitely tip more towards my stomach.

2) Upset stomach. Extreme nausea, it’s a girl.  None to speak of, it’s a boy.  The boys definitely get this one.  I haven’t had any morning sickness worth mentioning.

3) Dry hands?  It’s a boy.  Soft hands?  It’s a girl.  No idea.  I’m going to go with soft, just because I haven’t noticed my hands being particularly dry.  Chapped lips?  All the time… unfortunately, I think that’s just because I’m horrible about staying hydrated.

4) If you’re craving citrus, you’re having a girl.  I haven’t craved citrus.  At all.  Sure, I like oranges and pineapples, but not any more than usual.  In fact, I think I’ve eaten significantly less citrus since being pregnant… go figure.

5) Acne breakouts.  If you have them, you’re having a girl. This one might go to the girls.  I have had a couple zits.  Only one at a time though, and not particularly regularly.  I think it’s more than normal though.

6) Graceful?  It’s a girl.  Stumbling more?  It’s a boy.  Haven’t noticed.  Lately I feel like I’m doing the pregnant-lady walk, but I think if I was tripping more than usual I would have noticed.

7) Fuller face?  It’s a girl.  Seriously, who notices that?  Obviously, I have not.

8) Craving sugar?  It’s a girl.  Salt floating your boat?  It’s a boy.  This one is completely on the boys side.  Hand me that salt shaker, asap.  Yes, I want to salt my ice cream… if you have a problem with it, keep it to yourself.  I don’t believe all that stuff about salt being bad for you anyways, so don’t even try.

9) Mood swings, it’s a girl.  Also goes to the boys.  People talk about the pregnancy mood swings all the time, and I have no idea what they’re talking about.  Maybe I’m just a pretty calm person all around… Yeah, that’s definitely it! 🙂

10) Carrying high, it’s a girl.  Carrying low, it’s a boy.  The superman and I had a consensus on this one.  Carrying low.

11) Carrying baby in front?  It’s a boy.  Weight spaced out all around your middle?  It’s a girl.  Again, definitely going to the boys.  The baby belly is right smack on the front of my body.  From the side, you can still see where my normal body is hiding.

12) Show me your hands.  If you would hold them palm up, it’s a girl.  Palm down, it’s a boy.  Palms up, so it’s a girl according to that one.

So here we have our own science versus myth test.  The old wives tales are indisputably pointing towards the blue clothes, and science is conclusively saying “it’s a girl”.

I’m going to have to go with science on this one though, simply because of how obvious the ultrasound was.  Furthermore, I was a full 21 weeks at the ultrasound, which significantly decreases the chances of them screwing up the boy/girl announcement.  Only 11 more weeks until we’ll be able to know for sure and certain!


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