Getting Closer and Setting Goals.

I had to go into the doctor for my 28-29 week appointment today.  Sometimes, when I think about it being 11 more weeks, I kind of flinch a little bit inside.  I want to meet our little girl now, and it seems like the last trimester is definitely going to feel like the longest.  11 more weeks sounds like such an eternity (an eternity filled with backaches, frequent bathroom breaks and trouble breathing, no less), but once I actually begin to break down everything that has to happen between now and then… there’s a lot left to do, and 11 weeks doesn’t sound like such a huge amount of time to do it all in.  Especially since all of those 11 weeks don’t really count and if I just make it 8 more weeks we’ll be considered full-term.  I’ve heard that first babies tend to come earlier, and I’m crossing my fingers hoping for that.

There are about a million things on my to-do list in the next 8 weeks although if I’m being completely honest with myself about half of those things are projects around the house that I really should have done by now.  My current plan is to try to break it down into weeks, and assign each of the next 8 weeks a project and several smaller goals.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get things done if I can just chip away at it a little at a time.

Beyond the organizing projects I have in mind I plan to do some serious cleaning around the entire house.  There are little corners that seem to collect dust and spiders like a magnet and I want those gone pronto.  Like, even before the baby comes.  I loathe spiders (inside the house, anyways).

On a different note, I’ve started crocheting and have successfully completed a baby hat, and a couple flower headbands.  The flower headbands were my first attempts, and look a little bit like somebody tried to beat them into submission with a crochethook, but I think I’m getting better.  There’s a baby blanket that I want to try to start in the next couple weeks, too, but I need to find the right colors of yarn.  If I start it with the bits and pieces I have left, I’m afraid I’ll wind up stuck and end up with a perpetually unfinished project.

It occurs to me that I should start adding in pictures of these projects, if I’m really going to talk about them and turn into one of those weird DIY-ers (totally kidding, don’t be offended–DIY projects are awesome)… Hmmm… project # 411, add more pictures to blog…


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