Chronicles of the Countdown, Episode 1

What I did today: went to the commissary, cleaned drawers in the kitchen, organized the shelves in the laundry room, took care of the flowers on the patio, and made a countdown calender so I can actually check off days to when superman gets back and the wigglebutt is supposed to make an appearance.  Being able to draw X-marks on days is enormously satisfying.

What I ate today: turkey for breakfast, turkey for lunch, salad with turkey for dinner and a cheese quesadilla.  I know, lots of turkey.  We cooked a ginormous turkey a couple days before my superman left and there is still a LOT left to eat, even though we made a metric ton of turkey salad for him to take on the plane.  I definitely haven’t had enough water to drink today though, which is bad.  I know I need to be drinking a couple liters of water in a day, but it’s difficult to keep track of when I’m busy.

What I plan to do tomorrow: finish the laundry room, go swimming at the pool, practice my violin, write on my novel, make cards for my kid siblings, call an aunt, and hopefully eat something more creative than plain turkey.

Good things about today: My superman called, I walked around a lot, and I listened to a bunch of big bands music on Pandora while I cleaned.  Fly me to the mooooon, let me dance among the stars…

Not-so-good things about today:  the wigglebutt is making my back hurt.  Really bad.  And my ribs.  I love that I can feel her just by putting my hand on my stomach now, but I really just want to be able to take a deep breath and sit on the couch without feeling shooting pain in the middle of my back


P.S. I promise I’ll post about other, more interesting things too, but it feels good to journal what I’m doing in a day both so that I don’t go stagnant, and so that I can have a record of what I’m actually accomplishing as opposed to what I’m dreaming about accomplishing (read: spends too much time on pinterest)  Enjoy your Friday everybody!


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