2012 Politics: The beginning of the freak show

Every time I visit Fox News these days, the presidential campaigns seemed to have kicked up their intensity a digit or two.  It’s a never-ending series of GOP this, Obama that, who’s leading the polls this week.  I completely understand this.  The presidential elections are upcoming, and it’s a very important election for our nation.  There are stacks of problems upon problems that desperately need to be addressed by these elected officials who end up in charge of everything.  The ever-escalating national debt, foreign affairs, and the inability of everybody in Washington to balance a checkbook and work with a budget are among the most pressing issues.   I make no secret of the fact that I believe President Obama has done a disgraceful and abominable job for our country during his stay in Washington.  In fact, there are very, very, very few Washington officials who I have even the tiniest degree of respect for.  The issues that these officials should be paralyzed with concern over and working overtime to fix are always pushed aside and deadlocked in stagnancy.  Here’s a news flash for you: when your business is over 14 trillion dollars in debt, and you’re losing credit like sand running through a pasta colander you have to cut costs.  It is not going to be enough to sit around and fight over which party is going to have to give up their pet projects.  Everybody is going to have to give up a lot, because 14 trillion dollars is an unholy amount of money. (Unholy only if you’re in the red 14 trillion dollars.  14 trillion dollars in the positive column would be awesome.)

I’m not delusional.  I know the debt that has accumulated over the last 80 years won’t be gone overnight, but I also know we should be working on it.  At the very least, we shouldn’t be spending more money on stupid things.  The fact of the matter is that the federal government was only created to do four main things: create and maintain a national department of defense, create and maintain interstates, establish a national currency, and run a postal service.  That’s it.  So wait, you mean the government doesn’t have to give billions of dollars to other countries in “foreign aid”, or pay the United Nations astronomical sums of money, or run nation wide programs like welfare that generally fail miserably and are abused in their purpose?  What a thought!  I know, right!  Furthermore, when the federal government was established, the state representatives and senators weren’t paid.  You read that right.  They did not get paid 6 figures a year to sit around and argue about what should be done, and surprise!  They accomplished great things!  Why on earth are we paying the morons in Washington the average combined salary of 2-4 Americans?  They aren’t even doing anything! If we reduced all of the elected officials pay to 50,000 per year, we would end up saving over a million dollars.  Of course, when you’re 14 trillion dollars in debt, and have no concept of budgeting, a million dollars is like pocket change, but it’s a start!

The most irritating thing about the deadlock over the debt?  Besides the fact that nobody in Washington cares about it enough to actually get something done to stop its rise? They try to implement teeny-tiny stop-gap measures, and when nobody wants to give up their pretty little pet toys (read welfare, social security, medicare, fill-in-the-blank) they try to make us believe they really are trying to fix it, and so they’re just going to cut the budget without thinking about it.  Spin the wheel of Fortune. Bam!  Department of Defense, you’re out.  Sorry about your luck, pals.  We have to cut costs somewhere.  Are you kidding me?  One of the only places the government is supposed to be spending money, and the one most essential to our safety and security as a nation and that’s where they want to take the big cuts from?  What are these people thinking?  My 5 year old little brother has more common sense than that.

And that is why the presidential race this year is going to suck.  There are plenty of candidates, but honestly, I don’t think any of them will come through for us.  There are far too many politics involved.  People say things just to get elected or reelected, and as soon as the inauguration ceremony is over start writing out checks again and failing epically.  And with all due respect, Obama is the worst spendthrift in D.C.  That’s saying a lot too, trust me.  The only person in the whole race who I actually trust would live up to his campaign promises to the best of his ability is Ron Paul, and a majority of people refuse to view him as a “real” contender for the presidency, in spite of the fact that he is the only one who has the voting record to back up his campaign claims.  Romney is a joke, and I can’t believe he’s considered the real front-runner for the GOP nomination.  He’s a politicking flip-flopper, and a complete moron.  Gingrich is trying hard, but I don’t think he will live up to his campaign promises any longer than it takes to get sworn in, and I’m not convinced that he will address the serious issues like the national debt and budget.  Santorum… I just have to laugh (albeit a bit hysterically) when he’s mentioned as the “true conservative” of the GOP race.  Santorum seems like a big gray blob to me.  He says what people want to hear, but he doesn’t have any real unique strategy.  He doesn’t even seem to have a personality.  He reminds me of that bug on the windshield that you don’t even notice until you’re sitting in gridlocked traffic for two hours.  And then Ron Paul.  People ignore him like it’s their job, and the debate moderators continually try to write him off as just “that crazy right winger”. Admittedly, his foreign policy isn’t the best, but it is all they focus on.  They don’t highlight the fact that his voting record completely coincides with everything he is preaching on the campaign trail.  They refuse to acknowledge that he is the one and only candidate who supports taking the government back to what the founding fathers and the constitution intended it to be.  And so, once again, the candidate who would be the best for AMERICA, and not just some political party, is written off and dismissed as loony.

I honestly don’t see why it should be so difficult to find candidates who can put aside party differences and tackle the enormous, line-blurring issues that our country is facing.  I don’t care if you have a Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian affiliation.  This is America we’re talking about, and the problems we’re facing with things like the debt shouldn’t be a fight between parties.  Everybody should be working their butts off to fix it.  When it’s fixed, go ahead and go back to arguing about your views on policies.  I think it’s stupid, but I’ll let you do your thing.

Come on, people.  For the sake of our great country can we please just pull it together for a little while?  Elect people who will do something about the debt and budget?  Do it for the sake of our children and grandchildren who will have to live with this tangled mess we’ve created.  Just put aside the party differences and fix it already.  That is all.


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