Book Review: The Edge of Ruin

Book Title: The Edge of Ruin
Book Author: Irene Fleming
My rating (on a 5 star scale): 4 stars

Here’s why:
The Edge of Ruin was a very interesting twist on your classic murder mystery. Published in 2010, the book is set in the earliest part of the 20th century, and there are many interesting, factual, historical details laced through the book. Some pleasant surprises were in dialogue. The dialogue was realistic, and true to the style of characters from early 19th century books I’ve read (Consider: Zane Grey, Gene Stratton Porter, etc.)
Through the book, the production of silent movies was laid out in some detail, and it was obvious that Fleming took great care to maintain historical accuracy in those scenes.
The plot itself felt a bit like a silent movie, in an interesting stylistic twist. Certain sociopolitical themes from the early 20th century were also touched upon. Over the course of the book, we come to realize that the heroine is a supporter of women’s suffrage, and her husband appears to be completely oblivious–both to the fact that she has passionate feelings about women’s rights, and also that the way he treats her is easily interpreted as demeaning.
Overall, this was an excellent historical novel. I was impressed by both the historical accuracy in action and the dialogue. All that said, however, the story lacked fluidity, and sometimes the characters felt very stagnant and one-dimensional. It was not one of those books that drags you into it’s world whether you are particularly in the mood for a jaunt or not. That could have been improved.
Overall, if you enjoy historical fiction and early 20th century novels, you will probably greatly enjoy this book. I recommend reading it, at least for the dialogue and taste of 20th century slang. Happy Reading!


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