I’ve seen the future

I was just backing the car out of my driveway when I saw them. Two tiny girls, riding little bicycles in front of their mother. They were very small– the oldest being 6 or 7 if I had to guess ages. I smiled to myself and kept driving. I was at the pool, reading my book on a lounge chair when they trailed in, and after a few minutes the father showed up with an even younger child. They all looked alike. Children in swimsuits, with water wings on their arms.
They didn’t stay long, but when they were leaving I just had to smile. That will be us in a while. Following pink swimsuits and bicycles to the pool, and fixing pigtails tied with ribbons. It’s bizarre to think about, but it’s happening. And it kind of makes me smile.

(Disclaimer: I don’t regularly stalk people at the pool. I should probably be a little bit more embarrassed about the fact that I even noticed this, but whatever… I notice things. Someday I may solve murder mysteries. Until then, we’ll just pretend it’s not weird at all.)


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