Please, Skinny Jeans, go away already!

Is anybody else out there sick to death of the skinny jeans trend?  It feels like skinny jeans have been popular for the last five years in one variation or another, and I just don’t see what the deal is. Maybe I’m way behind the times (very possible–I’ve admitted more than one place that I think I was born in the wrong decade) but the whole skinny jeans/leggings/jeggings fad has never impressed me, and I’ve been wondering for the past 3 or 5 years–or however long it’s been–what the deal is.

Why exactly do people like skinny jeans?  I’m serious.  If you like them, tell me why. I honestly want to know.

I know, I know, they’re popular. But what does that mean?  The Hollywood stars wear them?  The Hollywood peeps wear lots of things that look genuinely horrible, and the only reason they get away with it is because we all assume they’re somehow above the common standards of what looks good because they shell out thousands of dollars for ugly clothes.  That’s fine.  I really don’t care what they wear, one way or the other–as long as their psychotic “normal” doesn’t become something we all have to mimic.

My main problem with skinny jeans is that they just don’t look good.  On anybody.  Period.  On overweight chicas, they highlight all the wrong places, serving only to create an excessively unflattering silhouette.  Skinny girls avoid the problem of butt and thigh magnification, but they can come off looking really scarily thin.  Like emaciated 3rd world skinny.  Then again, that might be the idea too–heaven only knows 99.9% of the models on the runway look like they were just dragged out of a third world country in famine and dropped onto the runway in a million dollar dress before anybody gave them a square meal.  Then you have the average size girls, and the skinny jeans don’t do them any favors either, although I guess if you really want to highlight your muscular legs, skinny jeans could be the perfect solution.  Basically, you have to have really long legs and be nicely balanced between super skinny and just average weight for skinny jeans to look okay.  That’s just it though.  They only look okay.

I guess it probably just comes down to a matter of personal opinion.  I really, really hope that women are wearing skinny jeans because they genuinely like how they look or feel or something, and not just because celebrity’s wear them.

I understand that we all get a kind of morbid satisfaction out of cyber-stalking the celebs in Hollywood, but just because they’re constantly in the public spotlight doesn’t mean we have to follow their fashion choices.  As average people, I think we might need to just face the facts and accept that there are certain styles nobody should be allowed to get away with unless they have several grand to spend on a dress they’ll wear once.  There’s no real reason we have to pander to the celebrities and pretend that they look amazing absolutely every time they step out of the house.  They don’t make the laws, tax us, or have anything to do with us in general.  Why should we feel obligated to try to recreate style looks that should have died after one use?

Standards of beauty in clothing haven’t really changed that much, if you think about it.  There are the trends, which come and go, but every once in a while some celebrity somewhere will step out in a gorgeous dress or outfit and the world will stop turning for a second while people remember ohhh, that’s what real fashion looks like.  (Think Princess Kate Middleton, everybody.  She has never appeared in anything less than 150% classy and everybody raves every time she sets foot outside).  I just want to know why we can’t focus more on the styles that last and look gorgeous no matter what decade you wear them in.  Most of the classic styles look great on all shapes and sizes too.  Yeah, you can wear them and look amazing even if you aren’t as thin as all the famous people who spend multiple hours every day working out and counting calories.  What an idea!  Versatile fashion!  Who would have thought?!

So please, whoever is in charge of what is on trend right now–can we lose the skinny jean trend?  Thanks.  That was just my rant about skinny jeans for women.  You do not want to get me started on the million and one reasons why skinny jeans for men should be a crime worthy of jail time.


2 thoughts on “Please, Skinny Jeans, go away already!

  1. Arti says:

    Haha… It’s like you read my mind and put it in words, in a more eloquent way though:). I am one of those super tall (5’9’m) average thin people who would get a tight slap across their face at the mere mention of losing weight. Skinny jeans make my legs look stubby, fat and short. I don’t have superbly toned legs, but if anything makes my legs look big and not in a good way, it needs to be burned!

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