Red Velvet Bloodbath

Today I am finally making something off of Pinterest.  I’ve pinned a million (slight exaggeration) projects that I would like to do someday, but for the most part, Pinterest is a fantasy world where I dream about all the things I’m going to do someday and very rarely actually accomplish anything.  Until today.  I’ve been drooling over this recipe for Red Velvet Brownies for weeks now, but always putting off making them.  I am home alone right now, and so having a pan of brownies… especially brownies like these brownies, with white chocolate frosting… would be disastrous for my diet.  I did an excellent job of talking myself out of making them for the past three weeks, but I finally have my excuse.  Some of my friends are coming over this evening for a girls night. And girls night is the perfect time to have a pan of ridiculous brownies.  First, because who doesn’t like brownies; and secondly because there will be people to send them home with if we happen to not eat them all.

I’ve never made anything “red velvet” before, so it was kind of a new experience.  I vacillated between skepticism that all the red food coloring in the house would be enough to turn brownies red, and disbelief when I started mixing and it was not only red, but a ridiculously lethal red that seemed more than ready to stain everything in it’s path.  Fingers, towels, the stove… it was like a bloodbath.

I can’t complain too much though.  The brownies made it out of the oven and I’m well on my way to having the luscious red velvet brownie dessert I’ve been dreaming about.  To all you pinners out there like myself let this encourage you–you can actually make the awesome stuff on Pinterest.  Good luck!


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