10 Thoughts From My Week

1.  Real Mexican food is nonexistent in Hawaii, which is really sad.  I’ve been dying for any form of Mexican food that isn’t Taco Bell or burritos, lately, and today I decided that if there was Mexican food to be had on the island I would find it.  I searched a bunch of restaurants online, and found a couple that looked like they were close.  Unfortunately, whether it was my GPS, the ridiculous setup of virtually everything in Hawaii, or maybe the possibility of the restaurants just not existing anymore, I couldn’t find them.  Maybe I’ll have better luck when my Superman is home to help… hmmm.

2. Cooking for one is a diet-killer.  Even when I try to make small amounts of stuff, I end up with way too much and have to eat it for days.  That’s fine if it’s healthy, but the bad food is what seems to stick around most obnoxiously.

3.  There are less than 10 days left in February, hopefully less than 7 weeks until we meet the Wigglebutt, and my Superman will hopefully be home in just a few more weeks!

4. After some time off from the gym last week, I’m headed back tomorrow.  Yay for stationary bikes and treadmills!  Go until you drop, and then simply walk out to the car and drive home.  So simple, so easy… *sigh*

5. I found a pattern for crocheted Mary-Janes and have been crocheting my heart out for the little chica.

6. People at Presidents Day Sales can be nasty.  Today I was in a store, pulling a completely empty basket (because I quite naturally stepped inside the store and realized I had to use the bathroom that very moment before I looked at a single item) beside an extremely long checkout line in a desperate attempt to get to the bathroom before my child karate-chopped my bladder again, and some grouchy old Asian lady shouted at me and gave me the look of death because she thought I was cutting line. I returned her glare, apologized sweetly and told her I was just trying to get to the bathroom–all the while wishing I could hold it for three seconds longer so I could throw my basket at her head and call her a bad-word. Nasty old lady didn’t even look the teeniest bit sorry for yelling at me.  Jerk.

7. Along the same lines, but on a slightly more-funny-less-mean note, the last time I went to the commissary, the self-checkout supervisor lady took my cart away as soon as I had all the groceries out of it.  Apparently it was one of the carts that aren’t supposed to leave the store, which is all fine and good… I can understand that.  Of course, that policy makes more sense if the cart is small enough that you could probably carry the bags out to your car by yourself, but you know… I can roll with it if I know it’s happening.  The real kicker is that she didn’t tell me she was taking my cart, or give me a new one.  There were more bags than one person can reasonably carry, too.  Is it just the pregnancy talking or does that seem a teeny bit crazy?

8.  I don’t know what mochi is made out of–and at this point I’m a little scared to find out–but the little balls of mochi at the frozen yogurt bar are completely awesome, and I could eat them by the bucketload.  Forget the frozen yogurt.

9. The Wigglebutt’s room/spare room is pretty much finished, except for a little organizing that I want to do with the changing table and closet–and assembling the cradle, but I’m planning on leaving that for when my Superman is back.  He’ll love doing it, plus he’s way better at putting stuff together than I am.  I’ll just put the sheets on the mattress, color coordinate the closet, and be ready to hand him the screwdriver! 🙂

10.  It’s really late, and I’m getting tired, and I’m having trouble coming up with another slightly interesting thought, so I’ll leave you all for this evening.  Good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite!


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