34 weeks looks a lot like a whale

Here we are.  Right at 34 weeks, which means there are only three weeks until I go into ‘actively try to get this baby out of my body’ mode.  Don’t take this personally, little Wigglebutt, but you’re cramping my style, and if I’m being quite honest, turning into quite a literal pain.  Take today for example.  I was just chilling out on the couch for a few minutes, and you kicked my ribs so very hard that I’m a  little afraid you broke something.  I guess it’s to be expected, when you’re supposedly almost 5 pounds and stuck inside what might as well be a bowling ball, but honestly, if you hang out in there for 6 more weeks kicking all the way I may or may not be entirely sane when you get here.

This coming week I’m going to start working on putting some meals together that I can stash in the freezer to make things a little bit easier after the Wigglebutt gets here.  Our freezer isn’t that large, however, so unless I figure out some really, REALLY creative way to package the meals it’s not going to be a very large selection.  I do have some ideas for space saver ideas from the wonderful world of Pinterest and I’m planning on doing a series of posts about which ideas I’m using, the meals I’m making, and how they are turning out.

Naturally, the first step in even considering the start of a large baking/cooking project was cleaning.  I spent the last several hours cleaning the refrigerator/freezer and mopping the floor, and believe when I say they’re as glistening and clean as the day we moved in.  Okay, maybe not quite.  I couldn’t remove one of the crisper drawers because the refrigerator door wouldn’t open wide enough against the wall.  Of course, moving the refrigerator could have probably been an option, but it seemed like it might be a little bit too much to maneuver with my very pregnant belly.  If you just ignore that one drawer, the refrigerator is positively pristine.

At any rate, I’m off to clean the closets upstairs.  I think today I actually have a couple hours of work left in me before I’m completely worn out and ready to renew my relationship with the couch for one more evening, and I intend to make very good use of them!

I’ll SMTYL! (Scribble More To You Later.  What do you think?  I think I may have just created a revolutionary new acronym for blogging, since we all know how the world needs more acronyms)

(The last part about the world needing more acronyms was a joke.  I know.  I’m hilarious.  😀 )


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