Life. Normal.

Sorry it’s been a while, y’all.  My superman came home and has had a bunch of time off for the past week so we’ve been hanging out and having fun, and I only just remembered that I even have a blog because he had to go in for PT 🙂 Technically, I suppose that means I should be getting some exercise of my own in right now–and I will in a few minutes.  Just wanted to do the good old prego update, because we are now at 36 weeks!  I can hardly believe it either.  In one more week we’ll be in full watch-for-labor/please-God-make-it-happen-soon mode.  I know everybody says not to rush through the last few weeks and I’m enjoying the time I have with just my Superman immensely, however at this point I just feel so done with being pregnant.  I’ve even created a list of “Times When I Feel Like A Beached Whale Instead Of A Human”.  Honestly, the list should be about the times I don’t feel like a beached whale, or an upside down turtle, because those are coming few and far between, hehe.

The wigglebutt is still making it tough to breathe sometimes, but I kind of feel like she has gone ahead and dropped too (I’m in the bathroom every 5 minutes. The good news?  I’m clearly defying the laws of physics and creating something out of nothing because there’s no way I drink enough water to do all that.  The bad news?  Well, I have to find a bathroom ASAP any time I stand up… yeah, fun times.  There’s an app for finding bathrooms on my iphone though!  Yay!)  I go through phases of amazement about how big she feels when she’s trying to stick her foot right out my side, or how small she feels when I can actually feel a little foot or something squished up against my belly.  Truth is, I have no idea how big she is.  She makes my belly move every time she moves now.  Even when she has the hiccups, which is just hilarious.  I think they’re the hiccups anyways.  It’s this smallish, rhythmic bumping that doesn’t hurt at all, but makes my whole belly jump.  Cracks me up!

According to the wonderful and all knowing pregnancy app, the reason I’m so uncomfortable is that she is packing on the pounds–possibly even weighing up to 6 pounds at this point–and adding up to 1/2 pound per week.  She’s also probably about 18.5 inches long.  That, I can easily believe.  Sometimes I think she’s trying to stretch out horizontally and my belly just isn’t that wide.  Can we say painful!  Besides adding more weight, she is pretty much fully developed at this point.  Her lungs are still developing a little, but by the end of this week we’ll be considered full-term!

We’re getting so excited to finally meet her!  My superman has been planning out go-bags ever since he got home 🙂  We have yet to assemble anything (except my makeup.  I have that in a makeup bag in the bathroom so it’s easy to grab), but talking about it is lots of fun, and I imagine we really will put a bag together at some point in the next week.

That’s all the update I have time for right now.  Must go find some breakfast (weird fact #212–I’m starving all the time.  It’s a lot tougher to watch what I eat and make sure I’m not getting too many calories lately), try to exercise around my ginormous belly, and either bake for the freezer or organize the baby’s clothes again.  Have a great weekend, everybody!


2 thoughts on “Life. Normal.

  1. Babby says:

    Superman, loooong ago~ while in uterohimself gave me a stretch mark during one Sunday morning church service. As I sat there he decided there wasn’t enough room and he was going to try to make more. In front of my ribs on my right hand side there was this little something, I think it was a heel, about the size of my index finger. I would push back gently to get it moved and it would be fine a couple minutes, and then be back. When we got home I had a bright red stretch mark a good inch long! haven’t forgiven him yet! 🙂

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