My little night owl

Nearly 3 weeks ago an owl took up residence with us. Normally, this would be something of a calamity because I have an unprecedented dislike for birds, particularly when they’re invading my personal space.  Luckily for it, this is just the cutest owl in the whole wide world.  She’s cute even when she wakes us up at 3 in the morning–believe me when I say that’s pretty darn cute.

Okay, so I’m actually talking about my daughter, not an owl–but her nocturnal tendencies are astonishing.  She comes by it naturally, as I’ve always had a decided preference for sunsets as opposed to sunrises (“wait, you mean the sun rises at six in the morning?  seriously? the only thing rising at six in the morning is my hand to hit the off button on the alarm…”) but honestly.  My kid is a nocturnal extremist.

It’s not that she’s a bad sleeper either.  Once she falls asleep at night she’ll sleep straight through 5 or 6 hours, wake up and eat, and sleep for another 4 or 5 hours.  It’s just that she doesn’t fall asleep until 2 in the morning.  We’ve tried keeping her awake for a couple hours later in the evening (Have you ever tried to keep a newborn awake? It’s almost harder than giving birth.  Almost. {Example: we gave her a bath one evening.  She managed to cry the whole time without ever once opening her eyes and as soon as she was cuddled in a towel it was like she had never been disturbed}).  It never works.  And it never fails that as soon as we take her upstairs, slip her into her cradle and practically trip over ourselves trying to get in bed and close our eyes so it feels like we’ve been asleep, our sweet little Sophia is wide awake and cooing at us.

And of course, when we see her laying there with her eyes wide open and about as big as the picture-owl’s eyes, there isn’t really anything to do except pick her up and play with her and be kind of in awe that we made something so darn amazing.

So, until she starts going to sleep for the night at a normal hour, I guess we’ll just keep drinking enormous quantities of caffeinated beverages and reveling in her cuteness.



5 thoughts on “My little night owl

  1. Aunt Cricket says:

    The caffeine that you are ingesting could be affecting her…i.e. keeping her awake. Didn’t know if you had thought of that. It took me a while to consider them when the boys were babies…I was too tired to recognize them ! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you all!

    • goodgirllouise says:

      Hm, I’ll have to limit the caffeine and see if that helps… Sounds like a vicious cycle to be in. The baby won’t sleep because your drinking caffeine, and you need the caffeine because the baby won’t sleep… Yikes.
      Can’t wait to see you too!

  2. Chelsea Johnson says:

    Just seems like she has her days and nights confused. Its really common in newborns. When she naps during the day, dont let her sleep in complete darkness. And if you have not started the “nighttime routine” try that at the same time every night. Eventually she will learn that light means awake time and dark + routine = night time. I think it takes awhile though. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Chelsea Johnson says:

    Also, try taking her outside during the time she would normally try and sleep the day away! (although when Owen was little he slept more outside then he did inside! lol) Should help her figure out day/night

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