First World Problem No. 1: PINTEREST

I have a problem.  It’s becoming a fairly common problem among pretty much every female in the USA–and maybe Europe too.  I don’t know.  I don’t know anybody in Europe, but if they knew what they were missing out on they would have the problem too.  My problem is called Pinterest.  Actually, my problem should really be called neutral motivation-demotivation disorder.  That’s what it would be called if somebody officially took the time to make a diagnosis.  Unfortunately, the only people who would even consider diagnosing it are too busy succumbing to it.  On Pinterest.

Pinterest is awesome in concept.  Just imagine, a collection of all the best links from all over the internet, contributed a couple at a time by everybody everywhere.  The links are neatly broken down into categories and you can scroll on, and on, and on, and on, forever, and ever, and ever.

Unfortunately for everybody, the two most popular categories (in my experience anyways) are fitness and food.  The fitness category is plum full of people who look amazing, and the workouts or diets that supposedly made them look so amazing.  The food category is full of every creamy, rich, delectable snack you can even imagine.

The biggest problem is that nothing ever gets done.  I don’t make the creamy delicious desserts, and I don’t do the workouts that will make me look awesome.  They cancel each other out.

First World Problem.  Numero Uno.


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