I’m just warning you–my use of the word Sophisms is likely to becoming increasingly inappropriate and completely unrelated to the definition of the word itself.  What can I say?  We may or may not have named our little Wigglebutt Sophia so that we could throw around high-falutin’ words on a whim without necessarily requiring a context!

At any rate, Sophia has begun to speak.  (Hence the whole little blip about sophisms).  No, not actual sentences in English (although believe me, there is no limit to the genius we believe she possesses).  She babbles on and on, staring at us intently with her big eyes opened wide and her chin tilted slightly up.  When she pauses and we talk back, her whole face lights into an enormous grin that spreads from the crinkle of her forehead (because she lifts both eyebrows) to smile creases on her eyes, to the dimples in either cheek, and the tiny dint just above her chin.

My superman and I decided way back when we first found out we were expecting the Wigglebutt, we solemnly swore that we would never speak baby talk to her, because after all, how can babies be expected to learn proper English at all if adults return their incoherent babble and completely abandon all pretense of proper grammar?!

What we didn’t count on was the unbelievable cuteness of our daughter babbling excitedly at us from her jumper chair.  Oh we try to make sure she hears plenty of complete sentences, but it somehow always deteriorates into a contest of goos and gahs.

Example:  Wigglebutt is chilling out in her little jumper toy thing-a-ma-bob, looks up at us (Superman and I are sitting on the couch–about 3 feet away) and unleashes a long string of babbled nonsense.  After several seconds she stops and looks at us expectantly.

Superman: Oh my, Sophia, you have such incredible opinions.  Tell us more!

Me:  Yes, our spawn, enlighten us on the current state of affairs in the world today.

At this point, Sophia, thrilled to death that she a) has our attention, and b) apparently got through to us, gives us a huge grin and begins babbling again.
We listen solemnly and try to unobtrusively set up the the video-camera without interrupting the cuteness.

Superman:  I agree completely, Sophia.  The national debt is a very serious issue at this point in time, and it really must be addressed in the very near future if there is to be any hope of ever dragging ourselves out of debt.

Me: And also, the points you brought up about the over-expansion of the federal government were quite poignant. The power-mongrels we call politicians have long since ceased to actually attempt to serve the country.  I suppose that after their paychecks and retirements reached into the 100,000 dollar range they found no need to actually accomplish anything.  As evidenced by the fact that they haven’t passed a budget in well over a year.  You would think a budget would be the one thing everybody could agree we must have to thrive as a country.

Sophia grins again and babbles some more, but our defenses are falling down as she pauses periodically to grin at us with those ridiculous dimples.

Superman: Yes, yes, Sophums.  You’re so smart.

Me:  That’s right, baby girl.  Bad power mongrels.  Bad.

Sophia grins at us, giggles a little and babbles some more and our defenses are completely gone.

Superman:  Sofi, you have such a beautiful voice.  goo-goo gaahh, say da-da, sophums.  Say da-da

Me: You’re so ridiculously adorable, Beautiful.  ayyiyi booo.  say ma-ma.  say it, Soph, say ma-ma.
I don’t think we’re inhibiting Sophia’s brains–I’m pretty sure she’s leeching ours.


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