Insanity that Happens in Motherhood

~ Bedtime Happy Dances: This phenomena occurs at that oh-so-splendid moment when the clock chimes the hour of bedtime, and babies go to bed.  Victims are known to break out in full Riverdance-esque jigs, and experience a dizzying euphoria.

~ The Poop Check: Happens after that sweet bundle of joy had a pooper that blew out her diaper, down her legs and all over you.  If this happens to you, whether you showered or wiped yourself down with disinfectant wipes, you’re destined to spend the rest of the day wondering if there’s poop somewhere on you that you missed.

~ The Spluttering Smile: When your breastfeeding baby gets a mouthful down the wrong pipe and begins coughing, but refuses to pop off the spigot for a second to catch her breath, and flashes you a wide, watery eyed grin while still coughing and drinking.

~ The Expulsion: When your baby unleashes a stream of spitup with the power of a thousand fire-hoses, and thoroughly soaks your freshly shampooed hair.

And of course, the cuteness that makes it all worth it 🙂


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