20 More Hours In A Day

It’s not really that complicated.   All I want is a few more hours in a day.  Frankly, I don’t think that should be too much to ask for.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve wished I had a time-turner (yes, I’m enough of a nerd to spend serious amounts of time wishing I had a magical tool, or whatever you call it , from the wonderful world of Harry Potter).

At first, when I was just doing school, I wanted the time turner for the obvious reason–I needed to study more, needed to practice more, needed to sleep more, needed to relax more.  Obviously, having the time turner would have helped me accomplish that.  Still, I was just busy enough that I didn’t have quite enough time to fantasize about having a time turner.

Now that I’m taking care of our little Sophia full-time, keeping the house running, and attempting to do school, there is just no limit to the list of things I a) have to do, b) need to do, and c) want to do.

Sophia is obviously the entirety of the have to do list.  End of story.  And I love her to death.

The need to do list includes cleaning, grocery shopping, meal planning, and meal cooking.  These are things that I feel like I need to do, but technically, I wouldn’t have to take care of them all myself because my Superman is completely awesome and helps me with anything.  Still, I’m even more motivated to get everything on my need-to-do list done because he’s so awesome, and also because the housework and stuff is how I contribute to our household.

That leaves my want-to-do list, which is about three miles long and includes writing, practicing my violin, working out, reading 174 books (at my last goodreads count), studying, taking classes, crocheting, baking, practicing my violin, writing, writing, and practicing… you get the idea.

So, I’ve made an equation.

Group a + group b + group c = not enough time in a day = dire need of time turner = or twenty extra hours in a day.

If you see Professor McGonagall, put in a good word for me on the the time turner thing. I’ll love you forever.


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