Am I losing my mind, or is this just mommy-brain?

Do you ever have a moment where you sit back and think “What was I thinking?” and you’re a little bit embarrassed but it’s just too funny not to tell?


It’s just me?

Darn.  In all seriousness, though, I had the most ridiculous losing-my-mind moment yesterday. Well…  technically it was yesterday, but I only realized it was a brain-fart today.  I guess that kind of makes it worse.

{Disclaimer: I promise I’m not making light of a tragedy and the deaths of so many citizens.  I’m just laughing at my own mental lapse}

So,as a little background, August 6th (yesterday) 2012 marked the 67th anniversary of the atom bomb.

The Navy Federal bank here has the most long, ridiculous lines I’ve ever seen–particularly if you’re unfortunate enough to have banking to do between the hours of 11 and 5.  Now, they have two decent sized television screens mounted on the wall behind the tellers that flash random facts.  Famous people with birthdays on the current date, news blips, and this awesome thing called “Today, in history.”

So I’m standing there in this everlasting line, rocking Sophia in her carseat (which weighs no more than a metric ton, but not less than several hundred pounds) because she’s starting to be irritated.  Because it takes both hands to hold onto the carseat, I can’t be trolling facebook or pinterest on my phone so I’m watching these TV screens.

The following is my thought process at each of these messages.

[Famous People’s Birthday: Some actress I don’t recognize] Huh, wonder who that is.  You’d think there would actually be somebody legitimately famous with a birthday today.  Oh well… don’t know her and don’t really care.

[Sports today:] Bzzzzzzssss… Wonder what that slide was about… oh well, guess I’ll never know.

[Today in History] Nice!  Finally something I’m interested in… wonder if it’s something I know.

[Today in 1945 the United States dropped the first atom bomb on Japan] Say whaaaaat?  They’ve gotta be kidding… I could have sworn that happened in August.  It was literally just a couple days before V-J day, wasn’t it?  Or was it?  Did they drop the first bomb several months earlier and it still took a couple months for Japan to surrender? Noooo… I was sure that happened in August.

I was literally puzzled about that all day, but I just never found the time to look it up.

Fast forward to this morning.  I’ve just packed my Superman his lunch, kissed him thoroughly and watched him head off to work.  I sit down on the couch and open my calender.

I see the date and do a double take.

Today is August 7th?!?!?!?!?!  That means yesterday WAS August 6th!!!!  I thought it was June!

At which point I begin laughing uncontrollably because, after all, what is funnier than remembering the date of something that happened nearly seventy years ago but being completely clueless about what the current date is?!

I sincerely hope this is just mommy-brain, and not the onset of insanity!


2 thoughts on “Am I losing my mind, or is this just mommy-brain?

  1. Babby says:

    I could hardly read it outloud to Mindy, while she ate her lunch, for laughing so hard! Oh yes, similar tings have happened to me and I have stopped just short of correcting or saying something about it, only to realize I was wildly wrong! Then, SO glad I hadn’t said anything yet!!

  2. Babby says:

    Another thing; I have heard big historical events which happened while the children were all really small, and wondered why I never knew that happened, it was a big deal! What? the Berlin wall is no longer???? Well, maybe not that bad….

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