It always is a little bit surprising to me how very empty the house can feel.  My Superman had to leave again today.  When my little Sophiapea and I got back from dropping him off at work, it was still fairly early in the morning.  On any average Thursday it would have still been just Sofi and me home all day.  Yet somehow, just the knowledge that he won’t be back this evening, or tomorrow, makes the house so much emptier.  It feels unnaturally quiet, unnervingly still.

I know I’m being silly, really.  Sophiapea is here, and I’m so thankful for that.  And it isn’t a horribly long deployment–I’m thankful for that too.  But length is relative, and no matter how long or short these trips may be, the house will always feel empty.  I will always feel the unnatural quiet just from the knowledge that my Superman is away.  I will always count the days and nights until he comes back.  And I will always be so ready and waiting to run into his arms when he comes home.



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