My morning baby

Do you ever notice how children instinctively exploit your stupidity? For example, last night I stayed up past midnight. I knew it was dumb, but I was accomplishing things. Sidenote: accomplishing things might as well be a drug for new moms. It’s expensive, makes you do stupid things, and feels so doggone good. Even cleaning the kitchen turns into an awesome event when you have the opportunity to do it all at one time.
Anyways. Back to my main point. I was stupid, I stayed up too late.
It was barely light outside this morning when I heard the baby noises from the next room. Sophia was babbling happily to herself. I died a little inside but got up and went only into her room.
Sophiapea was laying in her bed, and when she saw me she grinned so wide the tip of her tongue poked out above her dimpled chin. She babbled a greeting and squealed with delight when I picked her up.
Now she’s eaten, had her diaper changed and is all snuggled up beside me. Still grinning. Still making those adorable baby sounds.
It’s totally worth it. Never sleeping in again? Fine by me. Never cleaning the kitchen without a break? As long as I get to kiss those sweet little cheeks I’ll be fine. Who cares about the kitchen anyways…
It’s a royal pain in the butt and the cutest baby in the world is begging for my attention.

Seriously. Could you maintain even the tiniest bit of annoyance with a baby girl this cute? I didn’t think so.


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