Moodswings of a 5-month-old

People always say teenagers have moodswings.  I never understood that–it wasn’t true in my family, and I didn’t see it in any of my friends. The Wigglebutt, on the other hand, is only 5 months old and she has mood swings that would scare the most moody teenage girl in the world.

Sophiapea is a charming baby most of the time, but every once in a while she gets a bee under her bonnet about something.  She’ll go from happy and giggling to screaming her little brains out in a few seconds, with no perceivable change in her physical state.

You can imagine that with a hair trigger that can be set off by… well… nothing, something tangible that she thinks is “wrong” would promote full-blown hysterics.

Let’s rewind a little bit.  We’ve started feeding Sophiapea solids.  So far, we’ve only given her rice cereal, bananas, pears, or occasionally, a combination of those three.  A few days ago I thought I would change it up a little bit, and give her some sweet potatoes.  Mostly because we were out of bananas, and a little bit because I guess she can’t eat bananas and pears for the rest of her life.

I steamed a sweet potato, whizzed it up in the blender with a bunch of water until it was about the consistency of applesauce and the texture of… well something texture-less.

Added a dash of salt, and served it up with lots of love for my baby.









This is the first bite.  She screamed, spit, and slobbered until most of the bit had either dribbled out her mouth, or accidentally down her throat.

“WHAT is THIS?  WHY did you put it in my mouth?  I want BANANAS!”









Second Bite.


The spitting subsided, but she kept crying and slobbering pathetically.  No gagging though, so I determined to keep trying.  The last thing I want is a picky eater.

“Mommmmmmyyyy, I don’t like it.  I want bananas.”






Bite Three:


Surprise, surprise, the crying has stopped.  She keeps letting out little whimpers every now and then to make sure I know she’s not exactly happy about this change in diet.


“Well… I still want bananas, but this isn’t disgusting.”






Bite Four:  All whining has completely stopped.  She’s lunging towards the spoon, smiling, and humming between bites.


“I LOVE sweet potatoes.  Feed me MORE! FASTER!!”


End of the story?  Well within four bites (literally)  Sophia went from hating sweet potatoes more than anything in the world to loving them as much as bananas.


Teenage girls don’t have anything on this kid.


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