10 tried and true ways to help you avoid actually writing your novel

The house is quiet, except for the distant rattling of the A/C system.  The baby is asleep.  The house is picked up.  There are still a couple of hours before it will be time to begin thinking about dinner.  Now is the perfect time to sit down and start writing, or at the very least, do some more research.  Enter Procrastination.  Not necessarily because you don’t want to write–you do.  But because somehow it’s easier to procrastinate than actually sit down and write words on a page.

1) Organize your workspace.  This one is deceptive. It sounds productive.  However, it will leech a good 15 minutes from the oh-so-precious-and-limited time that the baby is asleep.

2) Realize that you’re thirsty.  Make a pot of coffee.

3) While coffee is brewing, flip through the new Better Homes and Gardens magazine. and mentally plan Thanksgiving dinner.

4) Decide whether you want your coffee iced or hot.  It’s very hot outside, but kind of chilly inside so you have yourself a real catch-22 there.  Take your time.  It’s a serious decision.

5) Realize that there is no cream/milk in the house.  Decide whether you want coffee enough to drink it black.  Again, take your time.  Very important decisions here.

6) Log into the computer and get onto the Internet.   It’s okay.  Go ahead and tell yourself you’re getting on the Internet to do research.  We all know you’re going straight to Facebook.

7) Squirm around on the office chair and try to get comfortable.

8) Consider moving to the couch.

9) Reject moving to the couch, because you know that as soon as you do, all bets are off and your chances of actually working are even with the options of spending the afternoon on Pinterest, or falling asleep for a quick nap.  In the office chair, work has the edge.

10) If all else fails, write a blogpost.









And then the baby will be awake.  🙂


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