Rejection 101

Well, I received my first rejection letter for this attempt-to-be-published go round. I’m a little disappointed, but feeling pretty reasonable about it. After all, it would be a miracle to have anything picked up on the first try–especially a short story. So, I’m reentering the wonderful phase of researching magazines and reading submission guidelines to a thousand and one publishers.

This time, I’m hoping to try for a simultaneous submission. I feel like that would be a much more productive way to go about attempting to be published, however some publishers feel very strongly about simultaneous submissions–they don’t like them. While I understand that it could be frustrating for a publisher if they actually decided they liked a story and wrote back only to find out it was already taken, it is equally frustrating to only be able to send a story to one publisher at a time. They read manuscripts as quickly as they can, but it’s still a period of 4 months at a minimum, during which you have no idea what’s going on.

I suppose the real lesson here is that I should be submitting multiple stories. Then I wouldn’t feel so stagnant during the 4 month waiting period.

On another note, I am slowly, but steadily working on my novel. November is National Write A Novel month, and while I doubt I’ll have my novel finished by the end of this month, I’m finding it an excellent way to start.

It’s not as simple as when I was working on my first novel. I had very few obligations at that time, because I had graduated high school a year early and was waiting to attend college until I was 18. Now, only a few years have passed, but attempting to squeeze writing time between taking care of chores around a house and being a good wife and momma, and still studying… let’s just say it’s difficult and leave it at that.

Still, I’m quite blessed to have a child who usually takes pretty decent naps. I’m probably only writing 5 pages a day, but even at that rate, I should be able to pound out the first draft in the next six months or so.

In the meantime, it’s back to the drawing board–or computer, as the case may be.



2 thoughts on “Rejection 101

  1. Lisa says:

    I know how you feel. Trying to find time to write and edit our blog is difficult when a baby is crying and a floor to mop. Google also recently updated and my blog search engine rankings magically fell, so I am trying to research how to fix that. I wish there were six more hours of daytime!

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