Love Poems to Naptime


I love this sweet face. Unfortunately, sometimes this sweet face doesn’t think as much of sleeping at night-time as her daddy and I do. And when this sweet face doesn’t sleep at night-time, we all end up looking like this:




Happily though, the above face leads to naptime, which makes everybody feel like this:



How do I love thee, Naptime?
Let me count the ways…
I love your quiet.
I love your efficiency.
I love how I can read an entire chapter in a book without interruptions.
I love the jokes my Superman and I share.
I love that you make vacuuming so much easier, since my sweet girl isn’t scared of the vacuum when she’s asleep.
Most of all, though, I love that you make my sweet girl so much sweeter, because I love when we hear her jabbering at the toy in her bed, and I love the way her face lights up into a huge grin when she first sees us through the crack in the door.


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