Low Carb Lifestyle–Take #2

This January began like any other January.  We woke up on the 2nd, feeling sluggish and bloated from the holiday season, and pretty much instantly vowed that it was time to get back to healthier eating patterns.  Last year around this time, we went on the Atkins diet, determined to drop the pounds that had creeped up on us in our first year of life in Hawaii.  It worked really well for about a month.  Then my Superman had to go to Guam for 6 weeks and the diet fell to pieces.  We went back on a low-carb diet when he returned, but fell back off the wagon in April when Sophiapea joined us.  Our trip back to Kentucky to visit was a diet-wrecker like no other.  It was basically the end of June before we returned to our healthier lifestyle.  Even at our worst, we honestly don’t do that badly.

I cook all of our meals, because going out to eat is ridiculously expensive even for just two people.  I don’t know whether it’s just Hawaii, or everywhere, but in general, it costs at least $40 for both of us to eat out.  40 x 7 =280 and that’s just for one meal a day.  When we first got to the island we went through a phase where we ate out several times per week, but after realizing how much that was setting us back for food that wasn’t even that great for us, we completely changed our tactics.

Because groceries are so expensive here, I still have to spend about $200 every 2 weeks in groceries.  I find that ridiculous, coming from Kentucky where grocery prices are easily half what they are here.

Anyways, digression aside… last year we started out on a low carb diet but gradually kept adding carbs back into our diet without really thinking about it.  Believe me when I say, I LOVE my carbs.  I’ve never really had an issue with them either, as long as I maintain a pretty strict portion control regimen.  On the other hand, my Superman does not react well to carbs.  I personally think he is at least mildly allergic to wheat or gluten, but with no proof we’re kind of flying blind.

All that is just a far too elaborate background to what we’re doing.  This year, we have resolved that instead of yo-yoing back and forth between doing the Induction phase of Atkins and falling completely off the wagon, we’re going to try to adopt a plan that will work for us year round–Something that is healthy enough that we’ll feel good, but not so strict we stick to it for 6 weeks and then go on a binge.

We will be sticking to a low-carb diet, however, instead of eating meats and salads incessently, I’m going be focusing on adding some other foods to our diets.  Since I love breads and desserts so much, I’ve been doing some research about how to convert some good old favorites to low carb versions.  It has been a pleasant surprise to learn how many options there are for low carb diets.

Here is our plan, as it stands now.

Breakfasts: Coffee, eggs, greek yogurt, apples or other low-sugar fruit, Oatmeal (for Sophia–she’s little enough that she still needs a reasonable amount of carbs in her diet).  Besides this, we really aren’t huge breakfast people.  I usually eat an apple with a tablespoon or two of peanut butter with my coffee.  Josh will eat 4-6 eggs, or just have a big cup of coffee.

Lunch: Leftovers (for Josh), Avocados, Boiled Eggs, string cheese, apples (can you tell we like apples?)

Dinner: A main meat dish (no breading or gravy though), huge salads, fruit and yogurt for dessert.

This is just the baseline.  Our goal is to eat right 95% of the time, but not limit ourselves so much that we hate life.  If that means we eat bread with our hamburgers one night out of the week, or order a pizza once a month, it’s fine.  Mainly, we’re working to make this a lifestyle that we don’t stop every time we have a holiday or go on vacation.

So far it is going really well.  We’re both enjoying the food we’re eating, and feel like this is a plan we’ll be able to maintain.  I guess we’ll see about that.  Anyways, that’s our goal for this year.  We want to be healthier, and feel better about the food we’re eating all of the time.  Wish us luck!


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