Bathroom Break


Have you seen this picture floating around the internet? I keep seeing it pop up, and I’m getting concerned because I’m pretty sure it means that my bathroom mirror is actually one way window and somebody took that picture from the other side. I’m sure you agree that’s disturbing on a multitude of levels.
Seriously though, that could have been my house. And those fingers might as well have been Sophiapea’s. What you can’t see in the picture is the child screaming and crying because–shocker here–you CLOSED the DOOR!
After several sessions of that, Sophiapea and I compromised. Our bathroom is so tiny that I can block the door with my foot so that there’s just a crack. Then we play peekaboo. Granted, its not a perfect situation, but she’s not standing by me trying to flush the toilet or play with the toilet brush (ewwwwww).
As nice as that system is, I’m afraid Sophia has discovered a loop hole. She realized that with the crack I leave for the peekaboo-please-don’t-freak-out-I’m-just-in-the-bathroom game, she can reach the toilet paper. And oh boy can she reach that toilet paper. She’ll happily unspool a couple of yards and then just sit outside the bathroom door tearing it into tiny shreds… And eating it. Which brings me to my next problem.
Even though I can block the door with my foot, I can’t reach out into the hallway and confiscate the apparently delicious tissue paper. And of course, the child senses that I’m about to clean the tissue paper out of her mouth, so she refuses any cajoling to come just a little closer. Today, she managed to escalate that even farther. While i was in the bathroom, she completely ignored the usual peekaboo game and went straight for the kitchen, where she pulled some disgusting piece of dirt or dried food out of one of those crevices that you just can’t.quite.get with a broom. Apparently she realized that I couldn’t get to her when I was in the bathroom. “Yayyyy, snack time!” Um, no. She hates when I pry her little mouth open and a scoop out the nastiness too. I know. Gross, Sophiapea. Just gross.



3 thoughts on “Bathroom Break

    • goodgirllouise says:

      That’s an awesome idea! Good way to at least introduce potty training too 🙂 gonna have to see if I can find one!

      • Lisa Jones says:

        Yeah, I don’t plan on potty training him until he can at least walk to the toilet on his own, but we’re gonna have to get one anyways, so why not try it? He seems to like to just imitate what we are doing (although he does love the toilet paper), so I thought he might just want to sit on a toilet when we are. Turns out he did! I got the cheapest one possible at Walmart ($10), but there is a lot to choose from… even one that “flushes.” LOL.

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