Funny Life

IMG_6019It’s okay.  I’m alive.  My free-time is currently sucked up by a college course and my sweet Sophiapea, but I’m hoping to be back to regular blogging in exactly T – 13 days–at which point I will be done with my college course.

I have a bunch of funny Sophia stories saved up for blog posts and updates on our low-carb/gluten-free lifestyle.

The online college experience has been incredibly frustrating for me.  I’ll probably have a post about it in the near future, because sometimes a girl just needs to vent… but not today.

At any rate, there’s light at the end of the tunnel that is school, and hopefully the end of the tunnel will see my life turned normal again.  I miss writing.  Oh, school has plenty of writing, but it’s depressing to be limited to research papers with no less than 5 sources, no more than 20 pages, strictly APA formatting. I love writing, not churning out whatever nonsense I know will get me a good grade. (Incidentally, it may be hogwash, but I do get good grades, which should be a good thing–except that if you passed kindergarten, you’re pretty much guaranteed to pass these classes.)

Unfortunately, the “to-fold” laundry is threatening to utterly engulf my laundry room right now, and so, by necessity, the rest of the afternoon has been slated for laundry.

It’s okay if you grimaced.

I died a little inside when I realized I couldn’t put it off any longer.


Happy Thursday, everybody.



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