Mother of a Climber

We’re convinced Sophiapea will be a rock climber… Or possibly a gymnast or parachutist. The child has no fear of heights, no concept of gravity, and only knows one direction–UP!
I’m sure other mothers experience this, but I realized about 2 seconds ago that the questions I was asking myself were crazy. Enjoy.
~ I need to take a shower.
~ If I bring Sophia in the bathroom with me she will climb into the tub.
~ I’d really like to shave my legs without worrying about dripping shaving cream in her eye.
~ I could leave her in the playroom.
~ No I couldn’t, she’d crawl off the back of the couch and kill herself.
~ I could leave her in my bedroom pulling clothes out of drawers.
~ That makes a huge mess, and she’d pinch her fingers in the drawer, IF she didn’t crawl onto, fall off the bed, and kill herself.
~ I could turn on a TV show (I know it’s bad, but I reeeeeeally want to take a shower sans baby)
~ no I couldn’t. She would crawl on the back of the couch, climb onto the counter, probably fall off, and either break a bone, or get into the cupboard with the cleaning supplies.

At this point I am literally left with one option that doesnt involve endangering her in some way. I can put her in her crib where she will cry and cry and hate me forever. I just hate doing that.
How do you other mamas out there deal with climber babies?
Should I just reconcile myself to the baby-shower?





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