Old Stories, Not Forgotten

“Let me tell you a story about Queen and Dolly.”  Those were the words my maternal grandfather, Elden Oscar Lloyd, began many a story with.  Queen and Dolly, he would continue, were two huge workhorses that his family owned when he was growing up.  They used them to work the farm and such, and apparently they were two very remarkable animals.  As a child, I loved hearing his stories because I thought they were funny.  As I’ve grown up, however, I have come to appreciate them more and more for other reasons.  Now, I appreciate the glimpse into the history and life of somebody who I love dearly, but who is eternally fixed in my memory as the stooped, gray-haired man who told us stories, and to stop horsing around the house and just sit on the “davenport”.  I am captivated by these snippets of story that reveal the child, teenager, and young adult who turned into my grandfather.

That being said, I’m not entirely sure why it has taken me so long to realize that I should also be writing about all of the little family stories that run the risk of being forgotten in the next generation or two.  I have called my blog ‘The Story of A Girl’ because I like telling my story.  I like describing different facets of my life.  I like to think of it as scrapbooking with words.  There just isn’t enough artsy creativity in my fingers for actual scrapbooking… but stories?  I can do stories.  I can write stories.  I can print stories.  I am passionate about stories.  So, I write. And now, I am going to go even farther into my story–and attempt to know the stories of my family.

Geneology Research–here I come!


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