A Window Closed

Check out my first novel!  A Window Closed, by Elizabeth Lemmon (my maiden name) available from online booksellers today!

“A Window Closed” is a unique, multi-layered historical novel with a foundation in factual information and all the embellishment of a fictional story. During the second World War, Stella Manyard is sent from her home on the sparkling coast of California to live with her great-aunt and namesake in the quiet town of Roseville, Virginia while her parents serve in the Armed Forces. Stella dreads the transition from the excitement of the coast to what she fears will be the definition of boredom. Roseville is anything except dull, though, and if it were dull, the house her aunt lives in would have made up for it. The huge pre-Civil War era house has a secret, held as tightly as the shutters that are nailed shut in the neglected library. Great-Aunt Stella knows the answer to all of the questions, and they are wrapped up in the story of her experiences during the Civil War –A story that she hasn’t recounted to anybody for almost eighty years. All of that is subject to change though, because it is the summer of 1942 and the whole world is changing…

This is my first published novel, self-published through AuthorHouse.

I write historical fiction because I love it.  The research of a time period is my favorite part of the work of writing.  I’m fascinated by the different facets of history that blend in a historical novel to make an accurate depiction of history and my goal is to write historical fiction that will make history come alive.  History should never be boring, and historical fiction should never be inaccurate!

I have several more full-length historical novels in the works right now, and am working towards getting them on the market!  Thanks for your support! Happy reading!

Available from:

Barnes and Noble Online Booksellers

Amazon Books

Authorhouse Bookstore


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